"This Guy is a true Gentleman and conducts himself in a very professional Manner"

I had the stage 1 tune added to my AMG A35 today by Darren.


I am over the moon with the difference in the car's ability its performance & accelertaion is amazing.

This Guy is a true Gentleman and conducts himself in a very professional manner! 

Once again thank you so much, you can count on me to let as many people know of your great company and service.



Ben - Mercedes AMG A35 - Newcastle under Lyme

"Would highly recommend"

Took my car to 2 other garages and they couldn’t fix the problem. Took it to Darren fixed all the problems and now running like a new car. Would highly recommend
Mr Nelson - Audi A5 2.7 TDv6

"A true old school professional. Polite, very informative, and a pleasure to do business "

My van was running quite lumpy at low speed, 25-35mph, and had started to develop an annoying diesel knock/clatter, when cold, and only a slight improvement when it was at full operating temperature. As it had only done 77,000 miles, I was quite worried it could be something serious and costly to put right. I took it to Darren at Car Surgery Consultancy for him to investigate this problem. After having my van for less than a day, he called me to say it was ready for collection, and the issues I had with it had been diagnosed and rectified. After taking the van out for a test, I was utterly amazed at the transformation. It now drives like new, no clatter or lumpiness, and as smooth as silk across the power band. Darren is a true old school professional. Polite, very informative, and a pleasure to do business with. I would not hesitate to recommend him, and I will be one loyal customer for any future work my Transit may need. Top man!


Tom West  - Ford Transit 2.2TDCi 2013

"His knowledge, perception and efficiently are of the highest order"

Darren at Car Surgery carried out work on my car.

He is highly professional, uses top quality diagnostic equipment and kept me fully informed.
His knowledge, perception and efficiently are of the highest order.  Altogether impressive and highly recommended.
Many thanks
Mike Turner -  Mercedes CLS350 - Brown Edge Stoke On Trent

"I would recommend Darren and the Car Surgery to anyone as a garage that out specialises the Dealer  "


I was recommended the Car Surgery after firstly taking my car to the authorised franchise dealer.
The Dealer, could not ascertain the exact problem even over many days (and also required me to chase repeatedly for updates), and where they also cited not having all the correct specialist diagnostic tools as part of their issues, despite being an authorised dealer! 
Darren successfully diagnosed all issues within a few hour s of having my car, with his specialist diagnostic tools. He then clearly and thoroughly advised the exact issues and talked me through his suggested approach to ensure the work and repairs were completed successfully and at the lowest possible cost. The service surpassed (by far) any garage I have ever been and Darren even provided imagery and video summaries of the work and the issues during this process. The car was fully fixed speedily and has been driving perfectly ever since.
I would recommend Darren and the Car Surgery to anyone as a garage that out specialises the dealer, and that provides a level of service and information to ensure a perfect understanding and confidence in all work. 
Alex Underwood  - Stone ,Staffordshire -  BMW 320 i  E90

"I am writing to express how pleased I have been with the service and proficiency of Darren at Car Surgery."

He came highly recommended by another mechanic who had been outwitted by my car. He said that if anyone could fix it then Darren could!
This was the case and my pride and joy has been restored to perfect running order. The faults were both electrical and mechanical but were soon fixed.
Darren is not only a highly competent auto technician but also trustworthy and fair. In my opinion the service he provides is exceptional. 
I will be back but hopefully not too soon.
Martin Bullock   Congleton  BMW 645CI

"Fantastic service and peace of mind."

I recently took my VW Golf to car surgery for diagnostics and subsequent repairs due to intermittent ABS and ESP warning lights being displayed. An appointment was easy to arrange and I left my car with them whilst I was kept fully informed by telephone. On collection I was given a thorough explanation and demonstration as to what was causing the issue. Cost was lower than originally quoted and I had a good sense of value and quality. Absolutely fantastic service right down to being telephoned a few days later to see how my car was running, which of course was brilliantly! Thank you so much - highly recommended.

Ann Brady-Moore - VW Golf TDI 2006 - Stoke-on-Trent

"I had resided to the fact it was never going to work again"

Just to say thank you so much for fixing my Peugeot 206 cc roof.after so long not having My roof working and spending money on trying to get it fixed I had resided to the fact it was never going to work again.


Until I tried Car Surger

y I got a call to say it was done and I was so shocked I really had given up of it ever working again.a big thank you so pleased now I just need the sun  I will definitely recommend car surgery great service 


Julie Rogerson - Peugoet 206cc - Stoke on Trent

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"I received professional and easy to understand advice"

Recommended by a friend I booked my van in for sluggish and smoking from the exhaust. I received professional and easy to understand advice. Once the van had been repaired &remapped it runs better, provides more power and is nicer to drive out and about. Extremely professional service and would go back for advice, additional services and  further help without doubt.
Thank you!
Mel Aubrey - Vw Transporter T5 2008 1.9 PD - Stoke-on-Trent 


"I can't remember when it ran better"

For some time my Honda Civic diesel (54 reg) had been unpredictable.  Sometimes appeared to be, what I thought was, OK, intermittently running very slowly, limited in 10mph graduations per gear up to a maximum of 60mph which was very annoying not to mention embarassing.

I took the car to Darren at Car Surgery who, having spent some time diagnosing the problem, explained that the turbo system was blocked up &  the turbo wasn’t working.
I booked the car in and, early afternoon received a call to say that it was ready. The cost of the repair was not as much as I expected considering that Darren had completely cleaned out and serviced the engine.

It now accelerates on demand, it is running smoothly and is quieter. I can’t remember when it ran better, SUPERB JOB.
David Tildesley (very satisfied customer)  Honda Civic  2004 1.7 CDTi
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"I am thrilled to have found someone that I can confidently take all my vehicles too."

After being told that our VW Caddy van needed three injectors replaced I took it to a local garage to be repaired. Can you imagine my disappointment and frustration when after “3 weeks” and a bill for £400 the vehicle was bought back to the house on a low loader and we were told it was a non runner? We were advised to put it on e bay and sell it as a non-runner, I was devastated, as up to this point we had spent £1000. After 4 weeks I discovered the Car Surgery’s website, so I rang Darren and explained the situation and he offered to pick up the vehicle on the Monday morning and do some diagnostics, within a couple of hours Darren rang me to say that he had found the problem, I was over the moon. He explained that the injectors were not delivering the fuel and he suggested that I call the suppliers and he would explain the technicalities to them over the telephone. The suppliers offered to test the injectors, so I drove them back to Accrington on the Friday afternoon they confirmed that all three injector nozzles  were loose and incorrectly adjusted and after tightening them and testing, they worked perfectly. I drove them straight back to Darren who worked late that night and replaced them, he then very kindly gave me a text about 6.30 pm to tell me the van was running perfectly, I cannot explain my relief and I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Darren is extremely professional and thorough as he likes to explain exactly what the problem is and explains how he is going to resolve it, he has all the latest diagnostic equipment and is happy to show you the results of his findings. Darren fills me with confidence about his skills, and I have already been back to him with my car and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone I know, I am thrilled to have found someone that I can confidently take all my vehicles to.


Fantastic service Darren and extremely satisfied with your service.


Many thanks


Miss Johnson , Brindley Ford Stoke On Trent  VW Caddy 2.0SDi

"Far more responsive at low and high revs it feels like a different car"

I would like to thank the car surgery for the service and the remapping on my car.The remapping has really improved the cars performance no end and the fuel economy, I’m really pleased with the power it has given to the car the car is far more responsive  at low and high revs it feels like a different car.Its a job well worth having done,I can really recommend it.
Paul Davies , Biddulph Moor   Audi A6 3.0 TDi

"Drives lovely now and is even doing more than 10mpg more!"

I  recently had VW Touareg diesel re-mapped at the car surgery  and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am.


It has more power, drives lovely and is even doing more than 10mpg more! I am very happy with the service and cost and will definetly be recommending you in the future.



Angela Raynes - Ball Green Stoke-on-Trent VW Touareg TDi

"Having the right equipment and knowledge"

Wish i phoned him first!!


I Had some work done at a local garage and the ABS light wouldn't go off! After many hours of labor charges and for replacement parts they still hadn't a answer! With being a driving school i was losing money day after day with no car to work with. I phoned Darren who arrived on time, within 40 minutes had the problem solved!! Having the right equipment and knowledge he investigated the problem to a high standard. He would have saved me hundreds of pounds if i picked up the phone earlier. would highly recommend his services for a quick and cost effective way of repairing your car. Cannot thank him enough.


James Skucha Congleton Driving School / Citroen C4

"Very impressed worth every penny"

After spending thousands of £££ trying to get my van repaired to fix a running problem I tried the main agents  and back street garages who posses to now it all  , yet all failed to fix it.
Darren had the job sorted in no time at all , would recommend to any one to contact Darren first, my van has never run so well.   Very impressed worth every penny
Regards B Butler.  Kidsgrove / Ford Transit 2.4Tdci

"wholeheartedly recommend Darren and the Car Surgery "

I've been using the Car Surgery for more than a decade, and I dread to think how much I might have spent at other garages.


Especially as so many seem to have a 'replace it and  hope' policy  when it comes to fault diagnosis. Not only is Darren exceedingly good at  getting to the root of the problem, he never tries to sell you  something you don't need. That's a rare quality these days. Would I  wholeheartedly recommend Darren and the Car Surgery to  family and friends?

David Bennett  Peugeot 206  Penkhull

"massive improvement of acceleration"

Have had time to evaluate the remap installed to my Audi A5 3.0 TDI and I must say I am very pleased. Fuel consumption has improved, and there is an massive improvement of acceleration time between 30 to 70 in fourth gear plus car feels much more responsive throughout the rev range.


Once again thanks for a great service and excellent product.  I Will use the Car Surgery again.            


 Ian Hunt / Longton - Audi A5 3.0 TDi

"I had been to several garages who couldn't diagnose the problem"

I highly recommend Darren from the car-surgery, he came to my house and after 2hrs fixed the car costing only £103. I had been to several garages who couldn't diagnose the problem, but wanted to try putting in different part costing from £230 - £1000 that were not guaranteed to solve the mystery problem. One garage suggested the car would cost so much to put right it would be better getting rid of it. For a month I have been to several garages and had no satisfaction and been at my wits end wondering how this problem could be solved. In the end it was just a broken wire, no parts needed. Thank you Darren you are the forth emergency service, Fire, police, ambulance and Darren.


Ray Kelsell Mow-Cop / VW Golf

"I have found someone who knows what they are talking about and can actually do the job."

After many months of having my antipollution light coming on and going
off.spending hundreds of pounds trying to fix the problem listening to
different people at different garages I was about to give up with the
car.Then I was given the car surgery number by a friend.I booked them to see
if they could solve this problem.They came out at the time arranged and had
solved the problem with in 2 hours. The service and advise given was superb.I
need my car to run my driving school time off the road has cost me a lot of
money. Now I have found someone who not only knows what they are talking
about.They know what they are doing. In the future only the car surgery
consultancy will be allowed to touch my Peugeot 1.4 hdi. I recommend if you
have a problem with your car ring the car surgery before you spend lots of
needless money.many thanks.

Mark Williams - Milton    will.2learn driving school Peugoet 207

“noticeably better all the way through the rev range”

Darren, came to my house and checked the car over for fault codes firstly, then sent off my current map to be adjusted. As he is in phone contact with the IT guys adjusting the map, he asked what I was looking for - performance, economy, bit of both. So I opted for a bit of both and after a cup of tea the map was sent back to Darren and he uploaded it to my car. The difference with the remap is night and day. First thing I noticed was the autobox was as smooth as standard - the tuning box had made gear changes jerky when it was on. The power delivery is very smooth all the way through the rev range with no flat spots or hesitations at all. Power is noticeably better all the way through the rev range and when giving it full throttle it is far quicker than a big diesel saloon has any right to be! Overall Im a very happy customer and pleased to have a thoroughly sorted map.

Roy Beech - Newcastle-under-Lyme  BMW 530 d

"The power delivery is unbelievable"

Took it up town today, the response on the throttle is better. I had a full boot and it was pulling easily....the ride seems smoother and smoother.

When I took it up the M6 between J15 & 16, from 1500 - 2500 revs seemed a pretty good improvement, but revs from 2500 upwards is really impressive. Hitting high speeds was effortless and I noticed after resetting the mpg computer , it was a previously unreachable 38 mpg.

Brian Pendle  Audi A6 3.0 TDI  - Stoke-on-Trent

"full tank of diesel has gone from around 550 miles to at least 610 miles"

Darren came to my place of work and remapped my MkV Golf GT 2,0 TDI , that was a couple of weeks ago and am delighted and my expectations have been exceeded.

The power and acceleration is noticeably improved, the engine and gear changes seem smoother. Driving normally (as before fitting), the range from a full tank of diesel has gone from around 550 miles to at least 610 miles. Very impressed - with thanks.  


Mike Green  / VW Golf 2.0 TDI - Hanley , Stoke-on-Trent    


"Diagnosing faults, first time, every time"

We have been successfully trading for over thirty years in the vehicle repair business. The Car Surgery plays a major part in our winning formula for customer satisfaction. Diagnosing faults, first time, every time, no unnecessary parts being fitted, meaning lower cost repair bills. The only mobile number I know off by heart. That's says it all! 



"Within 10 minutes he had it sorted"

After two inconclusive diagnostics I was recommended The Car Surgery by my local garage.  Darren came to my house and within 10 minutes he had it sorted, what I was told was a £1000 job, turned out to be £32 part. I asked Darren to do a re- map as I thought it might help with towing my caravan, what a difference! engine much smoother, gear changing better and for some reason, sounds much quieter. As for power, a real difference, well pleased with the friendly service and would recommend  Darren to sort your car out, Professionally!!!!


Harry James  Mercedes C220 CDi

Mow Cop

"Very switched on guy and he knew is stuff"

I used Darren from the Car Surgery for the first time, after being recommended by my Uncle to give him a call. I had an ongoing problem with my VW Golf that had been into my local garage twice for this problem. They seemed unable to pin point the fault. One visit from Darren and he found the fault and fixed it first time. He explained and showed me the problem and seemed very switched on guy and knew his stuff. Wished I had called him first time, I would have saved my self £150 that I had already paid the other garage that did not fix it. It a real pleasure to find someone who actually knows there job.


Dave Bourne  VW Golf GTi ,Kidsgrove stoke-on-trent