How do I know the problem is with my DPF?

The first sign of problems with your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) will be when the warning light below is shown on your dashboard.

Your car will then try to run through its regeneration program. There are a few different ways this can happen, depending on the DPF fitted to your car.

If during the regeneration process your car doesn't clear the build up, it may be because you were stuck in traffic or you couldn't maintain the rev's needed to aid regeneration. the next stage in the process is your car will go into limp home mode. This will reduce the power to your engine and in most cases turn off your turbo. You are likely to see the light’s below appear on the dashboard.


.....................WE CAN CLEAN AND SERVICE YOUR DPF FILTER.....................

Over years we have seen many faults with DPF filters. It is unfair to blame the manufactures because if the DPF system is operated in the correct driving environment, the engine is serviced and maintained correctly, then the DPF filter is actually quite reliable. The life of the DPF can last well beyond 150,000 miles.


Our DPF cleaning service is aimed as preventative maintenance and also a solution to an already blocked / overloaded DPF. The products and chemicals we use have been tried and tested by ourselves with great results. There are lots of chemicals out there in a "TIN" that simply do not work. We use professional products that have very concentrated levels, and when used with specialist cleaning machines, they really do work.







What we will do during the clean? (note: all cleaning is done on the vehicle and back on the road the same day)


   Carry out initial Diagnostic check and live data evaluation

   Induction system clean - using specialist cleaning machine & chemicals

   DPF Filter system clean - using specialist cleaning machine & chemicals

   Oil flush

   Oil Replacement
   Forced Regeneration and all the DPF data and adaptation values are Reset.


Typical cost of this service ranges between £250 to £300


Additional cost & service:

We can check the current software / calibration version on your engine computer (ECU). The manufactures do release software updates that can improve how the ECU manages the DPF operation. Sometimes the weakness in the software can lead to the DPF filter not regenerating correctly and therefore blocking more easily. The price for this varies between each manufacture but a typical cost is approx £65.00


PLEASE NOTE : The OIL grade will be full Synthetic, it will meet the manufactures specification in all cases.  The Oil & Air filters will be OEM parts.  The Chemical cleaning products will be "BG Products" and " LIQUI MOLY"

Another Successfully level one Induction and DPF clean.


This BMW X3 was a 60k miles example with full service history (BMW long-life). The car had poor starting when cold , major power loss and the engine MIL was coming on. After a full diagnostic check and system evaluation I confirmed the issues were , incorrect air flow and a partial blocked DPF.


After the Level one clean was complete the results and data gathered compared to the before results were truly amazing.


The DPF and airflow were tested again using the service function test and control unit function test.


Idle back pressure was :  87mbar   after cleaning    :  13mbar


fast idle back pressure :  334 mbar after cleaning    :  68mbar


engine cut out speed    :  764 mbr   after cleaning   :  121mbar


The mass air flow data had also dramatically  improved 



The engine performance , starting and overhall smoothness had returned back to normal. No faults returned and the car drove faultless





Volvo XC90 - D5 , customer had been to Volvo Dealers and two other garages with DPF issues. Completed induction system Clean and DPF clean fixed the problem




If the data from the Diagnostic checks confirms the level of blockage in the DPF is overloaded, it makes it impossible to attempt an on vehicle clean & regeneration.


The filter will have to be removed and inspected first.  If the filter structure is correct, we use a specialist company  (DPF Clean Team ) that will check and clean the DPF filter. The clean process uses both high pressure and ultrasonic technology to clean the filter, the filter is also flow tested after. If the the filter passes the quality checks, it is returned and refitted to your vehicle.


We now perform the level one clean (apart from the physical DPF)


The vehicle can be off the road between 2 to 3 days.  The cost of DPF clean by the outside company is between £250 & £300. You have the extra labour charge for the DPF filter removal and refitting and then your induction system clean and oil / filters as per level one clean.


Therefore a level two clean can range between £400 to £550 (note: some DPF filters can be removed & refitted in under 1hr some can take 4hrs). Please call with your make and model for a more detailed price.


This is still hundreds of £££££££'s  cheaper than a replacement O/E DPF filter.



"Through experience we can confirm that a genuine O/E DPF filter that has become blocked or overloaded, it is much better to clean this filter and recover it back to operational condition. Fitting a cheap poor quality aftermarket DPF filter that simply does not operate correctly, and keeps flagging faults in the engine ECU, results in warning lights keep coming on." it may seem tempting  ,but trust me going down that route with a cheap DPF will  just mean more aggravation and it will end up costing more in the long run.





Vauxhall Zafira or Vectra 1.9 -  £980

Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi - £920

VW Golf 2.0 TDi - £1280

Audi A4 2.0 TDi - £1400

BMW 530D - £1290

Audi Q7 3.0 TDi - £1700

Suzuki Vitara 1.9D -  £2100

Renault laguna 1.9 DCi - £1080