Our professional fuel injection cleaning service is for both Petrol and Diesel. Both systems clean the fuel system on the vehicle. Do not mistake this with cheap products you tip into your fuel tank.


These are professional cleaning fluids that are extremely concentrated and chemically very effective. They are forced into the fuel system under high pressures and also at controlled flow rates.


Because the cleaning is done on the vehicle , they is no labour time needed for removing injectors or Injection pumps. The labour needed to remove some injectors especially on common rail diesel can be very labour intensive if the injectors are seized in.


major improvements in MPG , Power , engine response and idle smoothness.


                                           DIESEL FUEL SYSTEM CLEAN

BG Inject-A-Flush® for Diesels is the ultimate diesel injector cleaning system for passenger cars, & LCV. Its simple compact design makes it easy to clean clogged diesel injectors quickly and efficiently.


Diesel engines are extremely sensitive to the deposits that form throughout the fuel system. Even small deposits can cause substantial reductions in engine performance. Engines with deposits experience reduced fuel efficiency, engine clatter, diminished performance, and other drivability issues.


BG Inject-A-Flush® for Diesels provides a quick and simple means of delivering the exact amount of BG Diesel Care needed to clean deposit-clogged injectors. Connected directly to the fuel supply and return lines by an automotive professional, it removes combustion deposits that rob a vehicle of performance


Cleans the entire fuel system
• Controls deposit formation
• Improves diesel engine combustion and power
• Eliminates injector plunger sticking
• Eliminates nozzle fouling
• Extends injector life
• Reduces exhaust smoke
• Stabilizes fuel in storage
• Prevents corrosion
• Prevents scoring or seizing
• Corrects nozzle buildup
• Keeps the fuel system clean
• Stabilizes stored fuel
• Isolates wax crystals

Renault Clio 1.2 16V - engine Misfiring and hesitation under load. Fuel injectors cleaned and up cylinder decarbonized fixed the problem
Frod Transit Connect 1.8 TDCi - engine power loss and uneven running. Fuel injectors cleaned , fuel system flush and new IMV, fixed the problem.


BG Fuel Injection System Cleaner removes rock-hard carbon deposits from fuel injectors. It corrects the injector spray and balances fuel/air ratio, ultimately helping to restore lost MPG.


Modern vehicles, like those with gasoline direct injection, are finely tuned and extremely sensitive to
 deposits that build up in fuel injectors, intake valves and ports. Accumulated residues, mostly from gasoline, can cause drivability problems such as: hesitation, misfire, stumble, rough idle, poor gas mileage and performance loss.


BG Fuel Injection System Cleaner is especially effective with rock hard fuel system deposits. As an integral part of the BG Fuel/Air Induction Service, it pre-soaks deposits which allows BG 44K® to provide an even more effective cleanup.



Although it’s a powerful professional-use product, BG Fuel Injection System Cleaner is not harmful to any fuel system components including gaskets, hoses, metals, fuel tank bladders, fuel pumps, O-rings, etc.


Petrol GDI (gasoline direct injection) suffer from excessive carbon. The effects the inlet valves , ports and injectors. This leads to poor running and the engine MIL keeps coming on and the engine enters into a limited power mode or downgrade mode.


BMW Mini N14 and Peugeot / Citroen EP6 engines also VAG FSi & TSFi engines, are suffering from this. The repair normally results in the cylinder head removing and de-carbonising . We have had excellent results in cleaning these which fixes the problem. Regular in tank treatments and more frequent oil changes stop it from happening again.

VW Golf 1.4 TSi - engine misfires , fuel correction error and engine MIL kept coming on. Complete Induction clean and engine flush fixed it.