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We get many  phone enquiries, about the cost of a service. This seemingly simple question is  probably one of the hardest to answer, without prior knowledge of the  vehicle.


These days, most  manufacturers have “optional” service regimes, that are designed to Tailor their maintenance program appropriately to individual usage circumstances. Clearly a vehicle that is driven to the local Supermarket twice a week, will have  different maintenance requirements to a car that covers 300 motorway miles each  week!


Cars on their first  visit that are presented to us for Servicing are judged individually on “merit”  & therefor we are unable to provide accurate quotations over the phone. We  will often price for a worst case scenario & this way the customer won’t be  disappointed, when extra service items are required


 Service - explained

Condition Based Service (CBS) was first introduced with the BMW 7 Series and is an evolution of the service interval indicator that has featured on other models in the BMW range. All current models are equipped with the CBS system except for X3 and Z4. 


The CBS system is at the forefront of service innovation, and for this reason we want to ensure that you understand its principles and benefits.

CBS - how it works...



CBS employs sensors to monitor the condition of worn parts and to ascertain the extent to hich servicing is necessary.



A microchip in the vehicle's remote control in the key saves the data along with other general  information such as the odometer reading and the vehicle
identification number.



BMW Service uses a device known as a Key Reader to download this information
from the vehicle's key.



Maintenance is not necessary until such times as wear progresses to defined limits. This flexibility in defining maintenance intervals and the scope of maintenance work required means that only those components that
the sensors show to be due for maintenance are serviced. In essence, this system allows each service to be tailored to the requirements of each and every BMW.



The instrument cluster:

The instrument cluster is the central unit - all your CBS data for the full scope of maintenance work is stored in the
instrument cluster. When you turn on your vehicle, one of the service requirement indicators below will briefly appear in your LCD display (in-between your dials):



This symbol represents the overall status of the vehicle assessed by CBS.

In the 1 Series and new 3 Series models, you can manually gain access to
further detail on the service status of your BMW via navigating the left
indicator as pictured below:



When a service operation e.g. an Oil Service or Vehicle Check Inspection is
due, the remaining distance before the next service is due and the absolute
latest date for a service will be displayed as below:



In the 1 Series and new 3 Series models, this
system is in its fourth level of development. This level of CBS offers the
following benefits:

  • The remaining distance and / or absolute service-due date are calculated and
    shown separately.

  • This calculation includes an integrated interval forecast, which reflects
    your driving profile.

  • With flexible service intervals (engine oil, micro filter, front and rear
    brake pads, and particulate filter changes (diesel only)), the last service
    interval is taken as the new starting value.

  • CBS data is stored in the remote control (key) when the vehicle is in
    motion; updating it every time you drive.

  • The Service Advisor can then read the CBS data using the Key Reader, which
    will display all the CBS data and status using the Service Acceptance Module

  • From this display, Service Advisors can print off the order-specific service
    sheet after having co-ordinated the service measures.


In the new 5, 6 and 7 Series models, the instrument cluster will send the
sorted data to the Central Information Display (CID). There, the data can be
selected for display in the Service menu using the 'I Drive', which will alert
to you what areas of the vehicle need attention via the following



Also from Around 2010 some BMW's models do not have service history booklets anymore. The service history is recorded on BMW AOS servers this data is also up-loaded to the car.


We are fully registered with BMW and when your car is serviced with us we keep your service history up to date.